…you’re no longer strangers and exiles.  You belong here…

congregation in annual Pentecost picture

Mission Statement

Less than perfect people seeking to live out God’s perfect will.

We live out our mission statement through joyful worship, continuing spiritual education and stimulating study, and making God’s love real.

youth doing garden and yard work

Vision Statement

We are a church committed to making God’s unconditional love and shalom real in the lives of people inside and outside our community.

We believe that Christ sent his disciples to preach the gospel to diverse peoples of the world. We desire to enrich our church with a diversity of people so that we may enjoy and learn from our differences, and, more importantly, our similarities.

We therefore welcome and encourage diversity among church members and officers (elders and ministers of Word and Sacrament).

We invite all people who seek to follow Christ to join Waverly and to full participation in all of its activities and leadership.

We rely on God’s holy Word including that of Matthew 25. The Holy Spirit leads us to work for the elimination of all unjust obstacles to full participation by any person in church and society, obstacles that have been invented or identified by one group of peoples for the purpose of oppressing others, including racism, ageism, classism, sexism, ableism, or any other such sins.

We commit to anti-racist work, repairing broken relationships, and seeking justice for those most marginalized in our world.

We seek to eliminate discrimination against the LGBTQIA community.

We confirm as a central part of Waverly’s mission the continuous re-creation of a welcoming environment so that we may continue to reflect the beauty of all God’s kingdom.

Rev. Caitlin Werth

Rev. Caitlin Werth is a Pittsburgh native who loves and cares for the people and places of this city. She has a background in social services and earned her Master’s of Divinity and a certificate in Urban Ministry from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. 

She was an early leader with the Hot Metal Bridge Faith Community on the South Side and is passionate about new worshipping communities and church revitalization. 

Prior to her call with Waverly, Pastor Caitlin served as director of the Foundation of HOPE’s Interfaith Pre-Release Program in the Allegheny County Jail, helping empower participants to restore their relationship with their God, rebuild their lives, and reconcile to their communities.

Pastor Caitlin is a coach with the 1001 New Worshiping Communities coaching network and is committed to holistic development, interfaith connections, and helping all people realize they are truly loved.

She is a proud wife, step-mother, dog-mom, daughter, sister, and friend. You can reach Caitlin by email at pastor@waverlychurch.org.

Choir warming up for Easter


  • Choir Director  — Joe Stuligross
  • Accompanist — Youngmin Kwon
  • Nursery Staff Coordinator — Khadiza Massey
  • Office Administrator — Alex Marthaler
stained glass from the North windows, part of sequence representing faith through sacrifice, the law, courage and wisdom


  • Curt Boirum
  • Amy Dove
  • Eleanor Fisher, clerk
  • Tom Golightly
  • Ginny Grimes
  • Rob Hosken
  • Virginia Linn
  • Tawna Loutsenhizer
  • Marsha Morris
  • Adrian Roe
  • John Wray, treasurer
  • Dan Vargas
potluck - we do food right!
Rev Beckie on the Abundant Hope garden mission in Larimer
stained glass line
Waverly Presbyterian Church Annual Reports