…you’re no longer strangers and exiles.  You belong here…

congregation in annual Pentecost picture

Mission Statement

Less than perfect people seeking to live out God’s perfect will.

We live out our mission statement through joyful worship, continuing spiritual education and stimulating study, and making God’s love real.

youth doing garden and yard work

Vision Statement

We believe that Christ sent his disciples to preach the gospel to diverse peoples of the world.

We desire to enrich our church with a diversity of people so that we may enjoy and learn from our differences, and, more importantly, our similarities.

We therefore welcome and encourage diversity among church members and officers (elders and ministers of Word and sacrament).

We invite all people who seek to follow Christ to join Waverly and to participate in all of its activities, including church leadership and ordination.

We will work towards the elimination of any obstacles to such full participation regardless of race, age, financial condition, gender, sexual orientation, or physical ability.

We stand in solidarity with all people of good will who seek to eliminate discrimination based on sexual orientation.

We confirm as a central part of Waverly’s mission the continuous re-creation of a welcoming environment so that we may continue to reflect the beauty of all God’s kingdom.

We are a church committed to making unconditional love real in the lives of people inside and outside our community. Mission appeals to the people inside to help those outside.

Interim Pastor – The Rev. Jane Duffield

The Reverend Jane Duffield was called to serve as Waverly’s Interim Pastor in February of 2019. She was drawn to Waverly because she resonates with our commitment to social justice, mission, and diversity. Pastor Jane is leading us through this transitional time between called pastors. She is helping us articulate who we are as God’s people, discern whom we are called to serve, and determine what we are called to do at this time in Waverly’s history.

Pastor Jane is a certified and experienced interim pastor. She has previously served St. John’s United Church of Christ in Evans City as their interim pastor and Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church in Washington, D.C. as their interim associate pastor. She is a graduate in Union Theological Seminary in New York City. Prior to seminary, she retired from a 30-year career as News Bureau director, crisis communications manager, and corporate spokesperson for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). After many years away from Pittsburgh, she is delighted to be back home, serving a church so close to her friends and family and her home in Shadyside.

Pastor Caitlin Werth

A Pittsburgh native, Pastor Caitlin grew up in Aspinwall and attended school in Fox Chapel. She attended John Carroll University in Cleveland, receiving her B.A. in Sociology and Human Services with a minor in Communications. She spent her early career in social work, primarily with children.

She was an early leader with the Hot Metal Bridge Faith Community on the South Side. There, she learned a great deal about church development and transformation, created and led their first youth program for middle and high
school students (Nov. 2008-May 2011), preached, planned and led activities in the life of the church.

She felt the call to ministry in 2006. She attended Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, receiving her Master of Divinity with a certification in Urban Ministry. Pastor Caitlin was ordained in August 2012, and next year will begin working on her
Doctorate of Ministry in Educational Leadership through Virginia Theological Seminary.

As a seminary student, she did her second field education in the Allegheny County Jail. She worked for a year with the Association of Theological Schools before returning for her first ordained call to the jail, where she has served as director and chaplain of the Foundation of HOPE’s Pre-Release Program for the past eight years. In that role, she supervises more than 75 volunteers and two full-time staff,
including fellow teaching elders and provides interfaith pastoral care and chaplaincy services to program participants, staff and volunteers.

Pastor Caitlin is a coach with the 1001 New Worshiping Communities coaching network and is passionate about holistic development, interfaith connections, and helping all people realize they are truly loved.

Choir warming up for Easter


  • Student Pastor — Caryn Doege
  • Choir Director  — Joe Stuligross
  • Accompanist — Youngmin Kwon
  • Nursery Staff Coordinator — Khadiza Massey
  • Office Administrator — Alex Marthaler
stained glass from the North windows, part of sequence representing faith through sacrifice, the law, courage and wisdom


  • Curt Boirum
  • Amy Dove
  • Eleanor Fisher, clerk
  • Tom Golightly
  • Susan Gradeck
  • Rob Hosken
  • Virginia Linn
  • Tawna Loutsenhizer
  • Marsha Morris
  • Adrian Roe
  • John Wray, treasurer
  • Dan Vargas
potluck - we do food right!
Rev Beckie on the Abundant Hope garden mission in Larimer
stained glass line
Waverly Presbyterian Church Annual Reports