…you’re no longer strangers and exiles.  You belong here…

stained glass line
congregation in annual Pentecost picture

Mission Statement

Less than perfect people seeking to live out God’s perfect will.

We live out our mission statement through joyful worship, continuing spiritual education and stimulating study, and making God’s love real.

stained glass line
youth doing garden and yard work

Vision Statement

We believe that Christ sent his disciples to preach the gospel to diverse peoples of the world.

We desire to enrich our church with a diversity of people so that we may enjoy and learn from our differences, and, more importantly, our similarities.

We therefore welcome and encourage diversity among church members and officers (elders and ministers of Word and sacrament).

We invite all people who seek to follow Christ to join Waverly and to participate in all of its activities, including church leadership and ordination.

We will work towards the elimination of any obstacles to such full participation regardless of race, age, financial condition, gender, sexual orientation, or physical ability.

We stand in solidarity with all people of good will who seek to eliminate discrimination based on sexual orientation.

We confirm as a central part of Waverly’s mission the continuous re-creation of a welcoming environment so that we may continue to reflect the beauty of all God’s kingdom.

We are a church committed to making unconditional love real in the lives of people inside and outside our community. Mission appeals to the people inside to help those outside.

Reverend Beckie in the pulpit

Pastor – The Rev. Rebecca Hickok

The Rev. Rebecca Hickok (Beckie) came to Waverly in the fall of 2007 as Transitional Pastor.  She intended to just stay a short while, but it seemed that God had a different plan for her and for Waverly.  Our match of passion for mission, children and youth, and creative spirit-filled worship was such a good one that after two years she became Waverly’s stated supply pastor with the Presbytery’s blessing.

Beckie’s personal mission statement comes from a quote her mother-in-law came across years ago:  the early Christians were characterized by three things:  great joy, no fear and always getting into trouble.  When she is able to embody all three of those, Beckie feels she is on the path God has set for her!

Beckie is a graduate of Penn Hills High School (go, Big Red!), American University, and the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.  She lives in Charleroi, PA with her pastor husband, the Rev. Dr. George Hickok (Joey), and an assortment of dogs and cats.  Her two grown sons work in the film industry.

Choir warming up for Easter


  • Student Pastor – Heather Henkel
  • Director of Music Ministry – Sallie Wormer
    • Choir Director – Joe Stuligross
  • Nursery Staff Coordinator – Brooke Ann Kaefer-Daum
    • Nursery Staff – Kim Johnson
  • Office Administrators – Jennifer Seekings, Molly Denver
stained glass from the North windows, part of sequence representing faith through sacrifice, the law, courage and wisdom


  • Roberta Bashore
  • Bob Dove, Membership committee co-chair
  • Eleanor Fisher, Clerk of Session
  • Tom Golightly, Mission committee co-chair
  • Susan Gradeck, Christian Education committee co-chair (with Jean Bird)
  • Ashley Hatcher-Peralta, Membership committee co-chair
  • Brian Kerr, Property committee co-chair (with Stephen Neely)
  • Tawna Loutsenhizer, Mission committee co-chair
  • Vic Tatum, Worship and Music committee co-chair
  • Andy Tinker, Worship and Music committee co-chair
  • Dan Vargas, Stewardship committee co-chair
  • John Wray, Treasurer, Personnel committee co-chair (with Holly Wray), and Stewardship committee co-chair
fun with the soap pan
potluck - we do food right!
Rev Beckie on the Abundant Hope garden mission in Larimer
stained glass line