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Christian Education at Waverly follows the church’s mission statement of a “Less than perfect people seeking to live out God’s perfect will” through joyful worship, continuing spiritual education and stimulating study, and making God’s love real.

Creativity, uniqueness, and intentionality are abundant in the Christian Education community at Waverly. The Dessert Box Stories, welcoming new acolytes on Christmas Eve, Waverly Wuppets, Youth Group study on white privilege and systemic injustice, the Waverly Opera House, cultural humility training before a community summer camp, and all-in-all-ages support for Waverly’s Mission projects are just some of the traditional and distinctive programs offered.

Programming serves infants through adults, is organized by the Christian Education Committee, and is supported by the whole Waverly community. It is led by a large team of dedicated and experienced volunteer leaders, including professional educators, parents, and trained ministry professionals.

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For Children through Fifth Grade

Sunday school from age 3 to 1st grade runs from September to May and includes music, storytelling, creative arts, and drama. The curriculum generally follows the church year and includes activities for all learners. Professional child care is available for infants through first grade during worship and all special events. Children participate in worship for the Children’s Message, music, and services such as baptisms, a yearly Youth Sunday service, and the Christmas Eve pageant. 

Children in second to 5th grades may be given the opportunity to serve as acolytes in worship. Developmentally appropriate programming is provided for all children during special events such as the All-Church Retreat, Lenten Series, Church Work Days, and Summer Mission Week. Waverly offers 50% scholarships for all children in first through fifth grades to attend summer camp at Camp Crestfield & Conference Center, a Christian ministry facility established by the Pittsburgh Presbytery near Slippery Rock, PA.

For Youth 6th through 12th Grades

Sunday school classes run from September to May. There is a wide choice of curriculum that can be chosen and designed by the teachers based on students’ interest. For students wanting to be confirmed into Waverly’s membership, Confirmation Class is offered every third year, and includes self-designed Statements of Faith that are presented through writing, drama, music, and other creative outlets; and a retreat. 

Waverly youth participate in the East End Youth Group, which is the youth ministry of Beulah and other surrounding churches. In a world of mixed messages and complicated pressures, this group teaches the one true constant – Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior. The East End group’s vision is to provide specific directions for teenagers to love God, serve others and follow Jesus.

Every other year, the youth of Waverly star in the Waverly Opera House, a dramatic production that raises money for summer camp and retreat scholarships. Youth typically participate in a Mission Trip or Mission Week at Camp Crestfield every third year. 

Youth participate in all aspects of church life including leadership in worship for Youth Sunday and other special services, volunteering to support young children in the church nursery, performing in the Waverly Wuppets (a puppet ministry), engaging in mission,, attending and/or volunteering at special events, and sharing their musical gifts during worship. Waverly offers 50% scholarships for all youth to attend Camp Crestfield in the summer.

For Adults

Adult Sunday School is led by volunteers and meets on Sunday mornings before worship. The curriculum varies based on attendee interests. Mid-week Bible studies and reflection times are led by the pastor. Waverly traditionally hosts a mid-week Lenten meal and study series that invites speakers to focus on local mission efforts.

Adults have the opportunity to participate in a summer Mission Trip or a Local Mission Week every third year.

For Everyone

Waverly has a long tradition of focusing energy on education and mission as a whole community. A combination of all ages events, age-specific studies, and interest-based groups are offered. These intergenerational programs have worked to build connections and relationships that make us stronger in order to make God’s love real. 

The Summer Music Art and Drama Camp for the community; a complete study of the Waverly stained glass windows for a whole year of Sunday school curriculum; an all ages Advent Book study; and a Summer Mission Week on Hunger in our community are just some examples of the all-in-all-ages programs.

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Caitlin Zeiset, Director of Children and Youth

Caitlin Zeiset graduated from PTS in May 2022 with a Masters in Theology.  She is married to Chris and has two children, Judah (6 years old), and Jael (3 years old). For 6 years, she was a middle-school Language Arts teacher to missionary children in Moscow, Russia.

We are happy to speak with you about Christian Education at Waverly! Please contact the church office at 412-242-0643 or

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