Position Description 

Title: Nursery Assistant

Purpose: To provide safe, nurturing care and educational activities for children while their parents or guardians participate in the worship service. 

Accountability: Accountable to the Childcare Supervisor, Pastor as head of staff, and the Christian Ed Committee.


  1. Provide hands-on, developmentally appropriate care and supervision to children from Infancy through first grade, following the lead of the Childcare supervisor.
  2. Assist with cleaning up the nursery, ensuring that food and play materials are put away.
  3. Follow safety procedures as outlined by the session of the church (wearing masks, etc.)


  1. Minimum of high school education
  2. Experience in supervision of young children
  3. Basic understanding of child development
  4. Interpersonal skills necessary to relate well to families and volunteers
  5. Must have appropriate clearances for working with children

Relationships: Relates to the Pastor as head of staff, Childcare Supervisor, and the Christian Ed Committee

Evaluations: Performance reviews will be conducted annually by the Pastor as head of staff and the Chair of the Christian Ed Committee. The Personnel Committee will annually review the adequacy of compensation and make recommendations to session for changes if needed

Salary/Benefits: $13/hr for 1.5 hours of work weekly on Sundays. Opportunity to buy in to the PCUSA’s Board of Pensions and Medical Benefits

To apply: Please send resume, cover letter, proof of COVID-19 vaccination, Act 34 clearances, and two references to pastor@waverlychurch.org

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