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Rev. Caitlin Werth

Rev. Caitlin Werth is a Pittsburgh native who loves and cares for the people and places of this city. She has a background in social services and earned her Master’s of Divinity and a certificate in Urban Ministry from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. 

She was an early leader with the Hot Metal Bridge Faith Community on the South Side and is passionate about new worshipping communities and church revitalization. 

Prior to her call with Waverly, Pastor Caitlin served as director of the Foundation of HOPE’s Interfaith Pre-Release Program in the Allegheny County Jail, helping empower participants to restore their relationship with their God, rebuild their lives, and reconcile to their communities.

Pastor Caitlin is a coach with the 1001 New Worshiping Communities coaching network and is committed to holistic development, interfaith connections, and helping all people realize they are truly loved.

She is a proud wife, step-mother, dog-mom, daughter, sister, and friend. You can reach Caitlin by email at

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Jennifer Geibel, Music Director

Jennifer Geibel is Waverly’s music director. She believes that the core of church musicianship is joy, love and praise.

She can be reached at

Music at Waverly

Caitlin Zeiset, Director of Children and Youth

Caitlin Zeiset graduated from PTS in May 2022 with a Masters in Theology.  She is married to Chris and has two children, Judah (6 years old), and Jael (3 years old). For 6 years, she was a middle-school Language Arts teacher to missionary children in Moscow, Russia.

She can be reached at

Christian Education at Waverly

Mary Cullen, Office Administrator

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Mary and her husband John have been married for 28 years and have two sons ages 20 and 26.

She can be reached at


  • Treasurer — Mollie Pollack,
  • Assistant Treasurer — Bob Snyder


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