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stained glass detail - Saints Paul and Augustine

Waverly Presbyterian Church has some of the finest stained-glass windows in Pittsburgh. More than 70,000 pieces of glass were used to create these panels in 1930 for a cost of $20,000; replicating that craftsmanship today would be cost-prohibitive.

The Pears family presented the windows to Waverly in memory of Thomas Clinton Pears Sr., who died in 1926. His son, Thomas Clinton Pears Jr., was pastor of Waverly from 1923 to 1933—the time when the current church was built at the corner of Forbes and Braddock avenues.

The windows, organized into the North, South, East, and Chancel sections of the church, follow stories of faith and the Bible. Many a child—and adult—have delighted in finding familiar characters and not-so-familiar items in the windows, such as a butterfly, 99 sheep, a lion, a harp, an upside-down cross, a mummy, an eagle, a beehive, a bag of money, a squirrel, and even a severed head. Waverly has designed a Sunday School curriculum based on the windows.

R. Toland Wright of Cleveland created the windows and was eager to show off his work in Pittsburgh, so he offered Waverly a discounted price. He and his workers handled each piece of glass at least 14 times before completing a window, which highlights the intricate craftsmanship used in the process.

stained glass detail - Saints Paul Mark and Matthew

Order Greeting Cards

Photos of 12 of the windows are offered on 12-card packs of greeting cards for $15.

Order by emailing Proceeds go to the church’s mission and ministry.

stained glass detail - Saints Paul and Augustine
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